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Bombers Eggbutt bridoon Elliptical Snaffle Cable


Eggbutt Bridoon Elliptical snaffle Cable

The Eggbutt cheek piece prevents pinching of the lips and gives a solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth. The release is slower than the loose ring and also introduces light poll pressure.

The Elliptical Cable applies pressure on the tongue to bring the head down.  The Elliptical applies sharper pressure than the control plate, due to a smaller surface area. The innovation of a cable negates the need for the center joining links of the standard 3 piece bit, further reducing pressure points.  The cable offers an interesting behavior of “spring-back”, which actively returns the bit to neutral.

All these features make for a more comfortable bit than conventional Ellipticals.


The cheekpiece is available in 2 sizes, standard and a slightly smaller model for a pony.


Bombers Cable Bits

  • Removes the need for center links, creating a smooth more comfortable mouthpiece
  • Offers a rigidity limiting the nutcracker effect and has spring back
  • The cable allows for some lateral independence between each rein
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