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Bombers Kimberly Dee Waterford Cable


Kimberly Dee Waterford Cable

The Dee Ring is similar in action to the Eggbutt, it prevents pinching and gives a slightly more solid feel against the cheeks. This prevents the bit from being pulled through the mouth. The release is slower and some slight poll pressure is introduced.

The Waterford Cable has a few smooth flexible round components which spread the pressure points making it a light mouthpiece. The sides of the mouthpiece. The greater flexibility discourages a horse from leaning on it, it also promotes mouthing and salivation. The spring-back action of the cable provides a positive feedback and quick return to neutral.


The Waterford is usually worn ¼” – ½” or 5mm – 10mm longer than your traditional mouthpiece in order to curve around the tongue and maximize the effect. An alternative is the Waterford Barrel Cable, which as the name suggests is made from cylindrical components, increasing the surface areas of the pressure points.

Bombers Cable Bits:

  • Removes the need for center links, creating a smooth more comfortable mouthpiece
  • Offers a rigidity limiting the nutcracker effect and has spring back
  • The cable allows for some lateral independence between each rein
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