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Bombers Weymouth Happy Tongue straight


Weymouth 75, Happy Tongue Straight

Shank length 7.5cm

Key Features

The Weymouth works on several parts of a horse’s head and mouth. The shanks add leverage, and place pressure on the poll via the poll strap of the bridle and to the chin groove via the curb chain. The Weymouth F55 and F75 are made with a flat surface, fixed to the mouthpiece, allowing for a snug fit that is stable and encourages precision flexion.

The Happy Tongue Straight is a solid mouth bit which is ported to relieve tongue pressure but is not curved. This makes it slightly harsher than the curved Happy Tongue.


The width of a Weymouth, should be slightly smaller than the bridoon, we suggest 5mm. The cheekpiece is available in 2 sizes, standard and a slightly smaller model for a pony. The standard size Weymouth has 2 length shanks. The longer shank allows for more hand movement and slows the leveraging of the pressure points.


The 4 available ports have been scaled according to each width. This ensures accurate fitting over the bars and eliminates the rocking movement which occurs when the port is too wide.

Ports come in normal thickness (B14) as well as ports where the middle part is slightly slimmed down to 9mm (B14/09) for the horses with a thick tongue and little space in the mouth.

Supplied with a curb chain.

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