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LaSelle Felt saddle Premium


LaSelle felt saddle premium

Suitable for all horse types. Adapting to your horse is child’s play.

Special highlights are the three-dimensional adjustability of the fit through a variable, comfortable seat cushion setting, exchangeable cushions and an adjustable cushion channel width. A variable seat for pelvic and hip relief and the adjustable stirrup suspension as well as an optional thigh roll for driving off-road make our felt saddle a premium model with a further refined driving experience for all horse types.

With this felt saddle Premium from La Selle you have many options to adapt your saddle to your own needs and those of your horse.

Our wool felt made of sheep’s wool is particularly comfortable for horse and rider, as it is breathable and elastic and wonderfully insulates against heat and cold. Thanks to the production from a naturally grown raw material, the La Selle felt saddle Premium is also environmentally friendly. The approx. 10 mm thick, resistant felt is made even more robust by a cowhide edge and the additional leather applications give it an elegant design.

Since our La Selle felt saddle Premium is equipped with a flexible pad and does not contain iron, it can easily be used with different types of horses.

After many inquiries, we can finally offer our premium felt saddle from La Selle in pony size. This great felt saddle model by La Selle was specially developed for very short horse backs and the seat is like the medium model.

What we are particularly proud of is that there is even space for drivers up to size 38 and that children still have a great, safe seating experience. It is suitable for small ponies and small horses between 110 cm and 140 cm in height. This felt saddle model can also be supplemented with a knee roll. The price is identical to our small horse model.

The La Selle felt saddle can be used without a saddle cloth. If you want to use one, we recommend our thin cotton numnah. The numnah can be machine washed at 30°C.

The felt saddle itself can only be hand washed with greasing detergents (for example lambskin detergents) up to a temperature of 30°C.

To protect the leather against drying out, you shouldn’t store your felt saddle in a warm room with dry air.


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