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TIBO jumping bridle



This jumping bridle is made out of the highest quality. It has a perfect fit to a wide variety of horses.

Made of the highest quality leather and stainless fittings. Bridle with a soft lining and decorative stitching on the browband and noseband.  This bridle is popular to combine the colors and details together with the rest of the TIBO tack.

The bridle has been sewn with exceptional precision and attention to every small detail.

It is an anatomic bridle, which means that thanks to its innovative shape, it provides the horse with the highest comfort. All straps have been designed to avoid the main facial nerve, the most important blood vessels and to reduce the pressure on the poll of the horse as much as possible.

The noseband in the Experience bridle is also anatomical, i.e. it bypasses the horse’s nostrils, thus allowing undisturbed air flow. The width and soft lining of the noseband protect the horse’s sensitive nasal bone.

This bridle is designed based on comfort for the horse and rider, ergonomics and exclusive elegance!

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